Most Important Tasks

In my Leonie Dawson workbook that I filled out at the beginning of this year there was a page called

12 Zen Habits (From Leo Babuta at Zen

They are all pretty useful and zen and go as follows

  1. Set your 3 MIT’s (most important tasks) each morning
  2. Single task (focus your attention)
  3. Zero inbox
  4. Process emails once a day
  5. Exercise 5-10 mins a day
  6. Work while disconnected
  7. Keep your desk decluttered
  8. Clear & declutter home for 15 mins a day
  9. Stick to a 5 sentence limit on emails (make your words powerful)
  10. Say no to commitments & requests not on your important short list
  11. Eat fresh fruit & veg everyday
  12. Follow a morning routine

I think we can all pretty much agree that these ‘Zen Habits’ are worth thinking about as we go through our days. In fact I have them stuck on the wall in front of me right this very second look


My favourite one is number 1. I actually do use this one every day now. Having 3 MIT’s is great because it isn’t overwhelming. It its an endless to do list. It is just what actually matters to you the most on that day. Sometimes there is time for more. Some days I have achieved my MIT’s by 11am and I have the rest of the day to frolic..or whatever. I take 5 minutes every morning to figure out what the 3 tasks are for that day that i definitely need to do. If i think of 4 i have to choose which ones are the most necessary to my day.

Todays MIT’s for example are

  • Write blog post
  • Go to appointment
  • Start assignment

Today is pretty standard actually. Often my 3 MIT’s have something to do with self-care (appointment-actually for hypnotherapy) something for my business (today-write blog post) and often something to do with studying because there is basically always something I really need to do for that.

Other days, I know immediately that My number 1 priority is self care. Sometimes my MIT is actually to find time for a quick nap, or a bath, or just to read alone for a while. On days when I’m not feeling that great I know that that needs to be taken care of first.

Some days it is to do something fun with my family, to visit my grandma, to clean something, to business plan, to organise something for charity, to find time for yoga or a walk or to write in my journal if I haven’t done that for a while, to create something if i haven’t done that for a while.

You get the picture. I need to sit down each morning and actually give myself a few minutes to think about what the day holds in store for me and how I can work out when to do my MIT’s.

Why don’t you try it? Could you list 3 MIT’s today?

Peace out,

Imogen x


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Motivation to Exercise

It’s hard to get the motivation to exercise. It’s hard to find time. Or it’s easy to use that as an excuse! I haven’t made a roper exercise routine before which is why i fluctuate between going hell for leather and months of nothing. It’s easy to come up with excuses not to do it. But there are many more reasons I should be doing it.

Last night I went out for a run/. And I enjoyed it! (Shocker!) According to my RunKeeper App it was the fastest and furthest run I have ever done. I felt Proud of myself, still do in fact. Today I feel more awake, I slept better than normal and I am not beating myself up about what I am eating all day.

I am going to go out for another run tonight. Here are a few tips for motivation that are working for me.

  • Make a playlist that really gets you going, whatever it is that makes you feel fired up. I actually mouth the words while running too 😉 it seems to help with that extra push.
  • Download RunKeeper (or equivalent) apps. You can log other sports in there too, track progress and set goals. I have started with a small goal-to run 5 miles altogether in as many runs as I need. The plans are good too, you can work towards a 5k or other goals and the app actually plans for you when to run, for how long etc. And as you’re running a lovely voice tell you how far you have been and how fast you are going.
  • Reward yourself. So I heard that chocolate soya milk is a good post-workout snack. And my god its delicious. So I have decided that after every run I can relax with a cool glass of chocolate soya milk while I recover. I have also decided that when I hit my goal on run keeper that I am going to buy myself a little something pretty to wear while running, a new top, new leggings, new trainers. I may even work towards other workout stuffs too!
  • Don’t beat yourself up. If you can’t go. If you go but turn back because you aren’t feeling up to it then don’t worry. Maybe that particular exercise isn’t for you. Something out there will be. Get experimenting and enjoy it.

Please comment with any questions or encouragement!

Thanks, Imogen ❤


I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how important nutrition is in looking after ourselves. I probably don’t need to point out how hard it is to make the right choices either, but it is. it really is. For me anyway, other people might find it easier.

I know what is best for me but I lack the time, patience and energy to make it for myself. I make bad choices every day. Even when I am trying. And if theres something in the house that I shouldn’t be eating then you can guarantee I’ll eat it. I have no will power at all!

But I do want to look after myself. To fuel my body with good things and to know that I am doing my best.

So now I am going to make a pact. I’ll try if you try? And I mean really try! No more sneaking some of the kids Easter eggs. No more eating junk for convenience. I want to feel energised, nourished and cared for.

Wish me luck!

Imogen x