Life balance manifesto


I believe that my blog has something for everybody. Because everybody deserves to have joy and happiness in their lives. But then there are certain kinds of people who will always automatically put everyone else first, they are sensitive to negativity and will avoid it at all costs by letting too much fall upon themselves to sort out. Because of this they may have suffered with depression or anxiety, insomnia, stress and overwhelm. They may feel taken advantage of and be in a place where they feel stuck and aren’t sure how to get out. When they perhaps fall upon my blog they might not have realised that the key is ‘Looking after yourself first means that everything else will become easier’. When they visit my blog and start to implement self-care and other techniques their life will become more joy-filled and they will keep up the techniques they have learnt in order to hold off the return of the stress and overwhelm they felt before.

The reason I chose to help this particular kind of people is because I am one of those people. If that is your personality, it doesn’t go away, but you learn to manage and you learn how much you can benefit from looking after yourself first. You have to keep implementing these techniques because otherwise you can go backwards. It does happen and we realise that we haven’t been implementing self-care and we have let people take advantage of us or we forgot to not overdo it. Then you keep going. You aren’t back to square one by any means, you learn to see it coming by knowing your own warning signs and then you can re-address what you need to do.

This is why I am here doing this, this is why I can help you, because I am one of you. I write blog posts, I send them out into the world and I read them too. I follow my own advice, I am by no means a finished product. I am on the same journey as you. Learning how to feel better in my life and fill it with ease and joy. I am still exploring this, imagining new ways to help myself, reading endless books and blogs and meeting people and using techniques given to me to make this a happier, joyful, easier life for myself. I want nothing more than to help as many other people as I can on the way because I truly believe that nobody should have to be always stressed or sad or unhappy and that everyone can and should live happily and all the awful things I experienced didn’t happen for nothing, they happened so that I would be in a better position to help you.

If there was just one thing that I would wish for my readers to take away from my blog it is that you deserve to have a life full of joy and peace and not to dread your days, to enjoy being you and living your life. Life is precious and it should be full of love and light and it can be when you take this first step to start looking after yourself.

Imogen x

The Self-care Manual

Good morning my dear,

Friday is looking pretty beautiful right? 

My new ebook ‘The Self-care Manual’ is available now to buy on Amazon. The Self-Care Manual CoverOr, especially for you, for a limited time, it available as a totally free download when you sign up to my mailing list by clicking right here and filling in a little form.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions at all or fancy a chat.

Loads of love,

Imogen x

July is here!

Yes July is here and it certainly feels like high summer where I am. Trying to keep cool is a very rare experience where I live!


The feedback I have been getting from self-care month has been so wonderful and helpful and the whole experience has been eye-opening. The main points that I have been getting back is that it was interesting and great to find new ways to take care of yourselves (yay) but also that you may not have completed every task every day. This is totally fine because it’s all individual and it is your journey, my love. Only do what speaks to you and feeds your spirit.

So now I can announce that the whole of self-care month will be available in ebook form from later today as The Self Care Manual. Available on Amazon for £1.99 or totally free(!) if you sign up here to what is now my newsletter (if you signed up for self-care month emails you don’t need to sign up again).

The Self-Care Manual Cover

And the last thing I want to share, part of this truly gorgeous email that I received about self-care month…

‘It gave me some sort of a frame to hold on to on bad days. At one low point i was eager for the daily mail at noon (because of time zone differences).you gave me some ideas for self care that i have not tried until now and i might stick to some and make them a habit.
I want to thank you and express my true gratitude and appreciation for what you are doing! You are really helping people lift themselves up to a better future, people who sometimes don’t have the power to do this themselves.

The world needs more people like you!! Keep up the good work in making people better!’

How beautiful? Think this email may have made my year!

Joy & hugs,

Imogen x

You made it! (Self-care month Day 30)

Self-care Month Day 30 - You Made it!

Wow, that’s it. We’ve made it through 30 days of self-care, of prioritising ourselves and reaping the benefits. You are absolutely, wonderfully amazing for giving yourself this gift.

Think you can keep it up? You should, you deserve to feel this good all the time my love and just a small amount of time dedicated to yourself every day is going to make your life more joyful. Cont…

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Reading (Self-care Month Day 29)

Self-care month Day 29 - Reading.

Morning loves,

I hope Monday morning is being kind to you?

Today I wanted to talk about reading. Whenever I have asked people what self-care they would do more of if they had chance, reading is always top 3. I personally read a lot, usually 2 books at a time. One for when I can concentrate in the day that might be challenging or non-fiction or need more concentration and one for just before I go to bed, something fictional and easy. I also read a lot of blogs. I find the odd moments during the day to snatch a quick chapter if I can and I need to sit and relax. Cont…

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Weekly Rituals (Self-care month Day 28)

Self-care month Day 28 - Weekly Rituals

Well, hello you absolutely wonderful lot,

Can you believe it is nearly the end of self-care month? We have come so far and we definitely all deserve a pat on the back for taking this wonderful journey to looking after ourselves. Well done love 🙂

Today is a rainy old Sunday here, thats ok, the weather has been getting warmer and were a bit glad of the break. Do you find that on some days of the week that you end up doing the same things? It is lovely to create a ritual on certain days of the week because we often thrive in routine. We know what is coming and we know what we need to do. Cont…

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Sleep (Self-care month Day 27)

It has been such a crazy, hectic day today and I have only just had to chance to sit down and write this. I didn’t have the foresight to schedule many posts in advance because i’m still getting used to this pro-blogger thing!

Todays self-care task is about sleep. Are you somebody who survives on the minimum sleep for weeks then can’t cope anymore? Or are you like me and work yourself into a frenzy if you can’t get your 9 hours solid a night? Sleep can be a nightmare, it can cause all sorts of issues and actually, if you aren’t getting enough, seriously affect your life. Cont…

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Plants & flowers (Self-care month Day 26)

I’m feeling pretty happy with myself this morning. I’ve just sent an assignment for my degree which is always a huge relief so starting my Friday on a very happy, positive note!

Todays self-care task is about plants and flowers. I’m not really great at looking after plants or gardening. I forget about them, they die and then I feel guilty. But did you know that some plants are seriously easy to look after? and they still look lovely! I have a succulent on my desk. According to feng shui, the top left corner of your desk is the area representing abundance and prosperity and so is a great place for a plant. I haven’t actually ever watered it but apparently once every 6 months is enough. The only other house plant I have is my orchid that lives at the side of my bed. After panicking this morning when the flowers starting falling off, a quick look on pinterest tells me that that is normal and when they have all fallen off a quick prune should encourage it to re-flower. Cont…

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Get organised (Self-care month Day 25)

I have always been a pretty organised person. Sometimes completely too rigid, nowadays I believe that running round like crazy trying to do all and be all is way overrated. But then, some organisation is great for clarity of the mind and focus on individual tasks. I think if I just lived spontaneously all of the time then I would never get anything done and I probably wouldn’t be sat here now writing this.

So what do you think is the minimum organisation that you should implement? Cont…

For more click here for the full free download of ‘self-care month’ now all as one handy ebook ‘The Self-care Manual’