Hello there lovely, thanks for stopping by and checking out by blog.

Me & my family

My name is Imogen and this is me…


I am 29 years old and live up t’north of England. I have been married to Nick for 6 years and we have 2 little (mostly) angels, Jonah (5) and Violet (2).


We live in a lush, green area by a beautiful river and behind a farm. We moved here fairly recently away from a town centre and are all absolutely loving the space and the quiet.

Why Life Balance?

This blog is called ‘Life Balance’ because I believe that everybody should be able to live their lives in a more balanced way in order to have a less stressful life and to create more joy in their lives. I see too many people muddling through their day-to-day lives and not enjoying it. It encourages me to want to share with the world how I created my own balanced life which I enjoy daily.

After being diagnosed with anxiety and stress I have been on a personal journey to create a life that I love, to fulfil my own personal needs through self-care and structure so that I don’t end up back at that low point again. You can read more about my story here. So I decided that in creating my own life of balance and joy I could help other people do the same. I have always been one to give advice to people and I love to help people. If I can make somebody’s day a little more enjoyable then I am beyond happy!

10 things about me

1. I am interested in holistic therapy and have recently discovered that I have a natural aptitude for working with crystals and am getting a little obsessed by them.

2. I love all animals and would have a house full of rescue animals if I could. As it goes, at the moment there is just this guy.Buddy

 He is Buddy, he an 8 year old rescue moggie and very much a part of our family. And yes he really is that big and fluffy!

3. I recently turned into a redhead and I love it!

4. I like to pack a car full of people and things and go camping off the cuff. Adventure is a big part of my life.

5. I love to paint, I often paint pictures as presents for people.

6. I pretty much love any sort of craft actually and I love having things that I have made around the house.

7. Number 6 is one of the many reasons that I love Pinterest.

8. I recently became a vegetarian. When people ask why I don’t know what else to say other than ‘It’s a personal experiment’

9. I have a vast collection of different teas. Tea drinking is important.

10. I am an Open University student. I am currently on the ‘Arts past and present’ module going on to do a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.

My readers

I want my readers to come away with a sense that, first of all, somebody else has been there and gone through it. Whatever it is that you are finding tough then there is somebody who can relate. Also that there are small steps you can take to make it easier and that you can live your life joyfully and happily. That is very much attainable and I can help you to do it.

If this is your first time one my blog then you could start here with the top 5 most read posts

  1. Self Appreciation (self-care month Day 7)
  2. Journalling (self-care month Day 4)
  3. Thoughts on Courage
  4. DIY Pamper Night 
  5. Self Care Month Day 1

Contact Me

If you have any questions or requests please feel free to contact me and let me know. I am always happy to help.

Social Media

Please check out my Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest pages.


A regular reader had this to say;

‘I had the most horrendous migraine yesterday with it all and I realised my neck and shoulders were tense. This made me think about the things you have said so I put everything on hold and jumped into a nice hot bubble bath and came up with an action plan. It worked!!!! Thank you! You should be so proud of everything you are doing for yourself and other people.’

Amazon review for Balance your Life Today

‘This is a wonderful book offering bite size gems to easily use to bring ourselves back into balance in a busy life. Being busy isn’t all its cracked up to be, and robs us of a quality of life that is available when we slow down. There’s no brownie points in heaven, collected through a life that goes too fast to enjoy the beauty of quality time, with ourselves and our loved ones. Way to go, Imogen, I’m so glad I downloaded it. It is already assisting me in many ways. I wish us all well on our journey to know wholeness.’

Products and Services

Check out my products and services page for more information about coaching, ebooks, ecourses and anything coming up.

Thanks for reading my dear and I can’t wait to help & speak to you soon.

Best wishes on your Life-Balance journey!

Imogen x


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