Motivation to Exercise

It’s hard to get the motivation to exercise. It’s hard to find time. Or it’s easy to use that as an excuse! I haven’t made a roper exercise routine before which is why i fluctuate between going hell for leather and months of nothing. It’s easy to come up with excuses not to do it. But there are many more reasons I should be doing it.

Last night I went out for a run/. And I enjoyed it! (Shocker!) According to my RunKeeper App it was the fastest and furthest run I have ever done. I felt Proud of myself, still do in fact. Today I feel more awake, I slept better than normal and I am not beating myself up about what I am eating all day.

I am going to go out for another run tonight. Here are a few tips for motivation that are working for me.

  • Make a playlist that really gets you going, whatever it is that makes you feel fired up. I actually mouth the words while running too 😉 it seems to help with that extra push.
  • Download RunKeeper (or equivalent) apps. You can log other sports in there too, track progress and set goals. I have started with a small goal-to run 5 miles altogether in as many runs as I need. The plans are good too, you can work towards a 5k or other goals and the app actually plans for you when to run, for how long etc. And as you’re running a lovely voice tell you how far you have been and how fast you are going.
  • Reward yourself. So I heard that chocolate soya milk is a good post-workout snack. And my god its delicious. So I have decided that after every run I can relax with a cool glass of chocolate soya milk while I recover. I have also decided that when I hit my goal on run keeper that I am going to buy myself a little something pretty to wear while running, a new top, new leggings, new trainers. I may even work towards other workout stuffs too!
  • Don’t beat yourself up. If you can’t go. If you go but turn back because you aren’t feeling up to it then don’t worry. Maybe that particular exercise isn’t for you. Something out there will be. Get experimenting and enjoy it.

Please comment with any questions or encouragement!

Thanks, Imogen ❤

Evening routine

Following on from my post yesterday about creating a weekly routine I want to talk about creating an evening routine. If you work in the day or look after your family then evenings are sacred time. They are your important time for relaxing and regenerating. If you’re tired (I certainly am) then it’s easy to want to spend your evening in front of the TV. I understand that and I do that sometimes too. That’s fine now and then but what I want to suggest is that you also use this time for personal growth, hobbies, socialising, exercise, creating and self care.

What I do first is make a list of 5 or more tasks that I feel I don’t have enough time for, or areas of my life that are getting neglected. My list looks like this

  • Crafting/painting
  • Self care
  • Socialising
  • Quality time for my relationship with my husband
  • Exercise
  • Time spent in nature
  • Reading

Now I work out how to fit this things into my evenings. I choose one per day, it doesn’t have to be rigid, for example if the weather is good I will go for a walk and tick off some time spent in nature. Sometimes I can’t get out for a walk on my own if I am on my own with the kids and I’ll have to work that time into another part of my week. Here’s how a normal week night could work:

At 7:40pm both children are in bed and I have cleared up all the pots and toys from the day. If i can go out I would go straight out for swimming, or to a friends for a cup of tea, out for a meal with friends, or for a short walk down to the river. If I am at home I could get the paints out or make something from my Crafts To Do board on Pinterest. On a Thursday, as I have said before I like to make time to pamper myself a bit (see Pamper evening post). On Wednesdays I make time to watch a film. If Mr.H is around it gives us quality time together which is something we can top up at the weekend. Generally, any one of these activities normally lasts from half an hour to 2 hours, which then gives me time watch something on TV then to read a bit before I go to bed. I very rarely go to bed later than 10:30pm. I would stay up longer and do more if I could but I know that if I do stay up longer I will pay for it in tiredness the next day.

I think everyone knows how much sleep they need and how much they can fit in to an evening. You have to use your intuition to figure out whether you are trying to fit in too much or if you are too tired to do much one evening. My belief is that this time is precious and often overlooked as a time to be productive in your hobbies or socialising. Why not try it for a while and see if you can pull another few hours of activity out of your day? For any more help or advice on creating routines and fitting more into your life then email me at

Much love,

Imogen x


I have always been a big fan of goals, and lists. So a list of goals is obviously right up my street. When I got the Leonie Dawson Create your amazing life work book at the end of last year this was the part that I was the most excited about filling out. And it is sooo motivational. I haven’t ever felt motivation like it if I’m honest. So I thought I would share some of the goals I have already completed which is just amazing.

  1. Write a book
  2. Listen to classical music
  3. Start a blog!
  4. Try holistic therapy
  5. Start my degree
  6. Create new routines
  7. Host a murder mystery party
  8. Bring baby books up to date
  9. Party in Leeds
  10. Take kids to local museum
  11. Look for a new house
  12. Bake bread
  13. Go to felting workshop
  14. Throw away my scales
  15. Buy new underwear sets!
  16. Shop locally
  17. Get some new shoes (managed to do this one twice ;-))
  18. Feed the ducks
  19. Research business and marketing
  20. Buy oracle cards
  21. Print Leonie workbook

So far this year then I have completed 21 out of my 100 goals. A lot of the other ones I have started already and will continue to do throughout the year or until they are complete. It feels good to review the list and go back to it to see how I am getting on with it. From the silly, to the personal, to the huge life-changing things. Its good to know that when I write these things down it is the start of their manifestation.

I really don’t think I would have done half of them if I didn’t have the workbook. I would recommend the workbook all day long to anyone basically.

Imogen x