Plants & flowers (Self-care month Day 26)

I’m feeling pretty happy with myself this morning. I’ve just sent an assignment for my degree which is always a huge relief so starting my Friday on a very happy, positive note!

Todays self-care task is about plants and flowers. I’m not really great at looking after plants or gardening. I forget about them, they die and then I feel guilty. But did you know that some plants are seriously easy to look after? and they still look lovely! I have a succulent on my desk. According to feng shui, the top left corner of your desk is the area representing abundance and prosperity and so is a great place for a plant. I haven’t actually ever watered it but apparently once every 6 months is enough. The only other house plant I have is my orchid that lives at the side of my bed. After panicking this morning when the flowers starting falling off, a quick look on pinterest tells me that that is normal and when they have all fallen off a quick prune should encourage it to re-flower. Cont…

For more click here for the full free download of ‘self-care month’ now all as one handy ebook ‘The Self-care Manual’

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