July is here!

Yes July is here and it certainly feels like high summer where I am. Trying to keep cool is a very rare experience where I live!


The feedback I have been getting from self-care month has been so wonderful and helpful and the whole experience has been eye-opening. The main points that I have been getting back is that it was interesting and great to find new ways to take care of yourselves (yay) but also that you may not have completed every task every day. This is totally fine because it’s all individual and it is your journey, my love. Only do what speaks to you and feeds your spirit.

So now I can announce that the whole of self-care month will be available in ebook form from later today as The Self Care Manual. Available on Amazon for £1.99 or totally free(!) if you sign up here to what is now my newsletter (if you signed up for self-care month emails you don’t need to sign up again).

The Self-Care Manual Cover

And the last thing I want to share, part of this truly gorgeous email that I received about self-care month…

‘It gave me some sort of a frame to hold on to on bad days. At one low point i was eager for the daily mail at noon (because of time zone differences).you gave me some ideas for self care that i have not tried until now and i might stick to some and make them a habit.
I want to thank you and express my true gratitude and appreciation for what you are doing! You are really helping people lift themselves up to a better future, people who sometimes don’t have the power to do this themselves.

The world needs more people like you!! Keep up the good work in making people better!’

How beautiful? Think this email may have made my year!

Joy & hugs,

Imogen x

2 thoughts on “July is here!

  1. Jay says:

    I’m so happy you received such a utterly gorgeous email as feedback for all your amazing efforts to help us all. And yes, these things give us such a lift that what we are on the right track! Yay! Keep up the fantastic work…xx

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