This is from an email I received from a blog reader about ‘The Self-care Manual’ orignally ‘Self-care Month’

‘It gave me some sort of a frame to hold on to on bad days. At one low point i was eager for the daily mail at noon (because of time zone differences).you gave me some ideas for self care that i have not tried until now and i might stick to some and make them a habit.
I want to thank you and express my true gratitude and appreciation for what you are doing! You are really helping people lift themselves up to a better future, people who sometimes don’t have the power to do this themselves.

The world needs more people like you!! Keep up the good work in making people better!’

A regular reader had this to say;

‘I had the most horrendous migraine yesterday with it all and I realised my neck and shoulders were tense. This made me think about the things you have said so I put everything on hold and jumped into a nice hot bubble bath and came up with an action plan. It worked!!!! Thank you! You should be so proud of everything you are doing for yourself and other people.’

Amazon review for Balance your Life Today

‘This is a wonderful book offering bite size gems to easily use to bring ourselves back into balance in a busy life. Being busy isn’t all its cracked up to be, and robs us of a quality of life that is available when we slow down. There’s no brownie points in heaven, collected through a life that goes too fast to enjoy the beauty of quality time, with ourselves and our loved ones. Way to go, Imogen, I’m so glad I downloaded it. It is already assisting me in many ways. I wish us all well on our journey to know wholeness.’


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