Setting up a support network (Self-care month Day 24)

Morning everyone! I hope all is well so far today for you,

I have had a little something on my mind just this morning so I have to make it clear here. I want you to know that I am by no means a finished product. Nobody is. I am on this journey, learning how to take better care of myself just the same as you. I want to say this so that you know that I am not better, I don’t have everything sussed. Sometimes, in fact, I struggle to take my own advice. For example, putting too much pressure on myself, not taking care of myself as I should, not making self-care my number one priority. But I learn from it and I move forward and it becomes less and less often that I completely overwhelm myself and it is very rare that I don’t see the warning signs for stress and anxiety coming.

Today, the self-care message that I want to get across is about creating a network of support around yourself so that you can you are at your best to look after yourself and your health. Cont…

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