Self-care month Day 2

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Here’s todays email,

Hi gang!

I am getting really excited about really getting into self-care month now. Yesterday was reflective and easy and today we are going to try another small 5 minute task. This time with a little bit more effort.

So todays task is about movement. I understand that the word exercise can rub people up the wrong way so were going to stick with ‘movement’ and i kind of mean something else anyway.
What do I mean by movement? I mean find a solid 5 minute block of time (yes, just 5 minutes!) and move for the whole time. Either walking, running, dancing, hula-hooping, swimming, cleaning even, playing football with the kids, dancing to a family favourite with them, get your yoga mat out or anything. Whatever floats your boat or whatever you can find in that space of time. Cont…

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Imogen x

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