A day in the life

imogen j hope

Morning world. I love reading other people’s posts about a day in their life so thought it would be nice to do my own.

Here is a run down of a day in my life.

7am alarm goes off. Mr.H gets up with children and gives them breakfast while i either do yoga or shower (or lounge in bed while i should be doing something else!)

7:30 Go downstairs and have my breakfast. Porridge at the moment with chia seeds, maple syrup and cinnamon. Then i go back upstairs, get dressed, do make up, make myself look more awake than i feel…

8:30 Take J to school which is exactly 5 minutes around the corner. Until we move house then it will require a car journey.

Come home and wash the breakfast pots, put on a load of washing while the baby plays under my feel and i try not…

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Friday roundup

This week I have Feng Shui’d my office. I am getting seriously good vibes in here now, I really love it and am loving working from here. I have created more space by clearing some things out and moving them to other areas and now my space its clear to imagine and create but also to do business.

At the beginning of this week I released my new ebook Balance Your Life Today. You can find it on Amazon for £1.99 (or whatever the equivalent is where you are). I am really proud of this book because it contains a basic overview of tasks to do to create a better balance in your life. It really works and I know because this is how I live my life. After struggling to create balance in my life I use all these techniques to make sure that it stays balanced now. The book cover areas like

  • self care
  • exercise
  • food
  • stress
  • work

and more.

On Wednesday I announced the countdown to Self-Care Month which is a month long self-care challenge. I will be emailing a self-care task every day throughout June to help you balance your life by implementing more self-care. It is something we don’t often do enough and honestly, time should be devoted to self care every single day. So you can sign up for that here and it is all totally free.

I found out this week that the assignment I hated, that literally brought me to tears that I did a couple of weeks ago for my degree i got 29/50 so Im pretty Ok with that. Its a relief!

Yesterday was my 6th wedding anniversary and today is Mr.H’s birthday so it’s going to be a wonderful weekend of celebrating and congratulating ourselves on making it this far. It’s not easy but definitely worth it. And eating the chocolate orange and chilli cake I found on Pinterest.

Have a beautiful weekend gang,

Imogen x 

Self-Care Month…Coming Soon….

Well I’m here at playgroup with this little sprout

Making the most of a little bit of time while I start this post.

Today is just becoming one of those days where everything is out of focus and it all seems to go wrong. Yeah, we all have them, on the outside it seems that everything about the day is as usual but then everything seems to go wrong!

Sometimes it feels impossible to balance all areas of our lives. It is possible but it requires us being totally conscious all the time of which areas need more attention and which areas need us to let go a little bit.

So the one thing that suffers first for myself and most people is self-care. Which is, I guess, because we have so many other demands on us with other responsibilities. So in honour of this I am declaring June 2015 ‘Self Care Month’ there will be a 30 day self care challenge. What this involves is a free daily email from myself containing one self-care task per day to be completed throughout June for FREE! This is a free subscription all you need to do to get involved is sign up to the emails via this link;


Simple as that! So I hope you’re really looking forward to Self-Care month I know I am, I’ll be joining in with all the tasks too and it is going to be seriously amazing!


Imogen x

P.S. If you haven’t already have a look at my Ebook, Balance Your Life Today, which is actually free on Kindle unlimited or available to buy for £1.99 or the equivalent wherever you may be x

Balance Your Life Today!

Balance Your Life Today by Imogen J Hope

This is the title of my ebook. It is now available on amazon for the very small price of £1.99 ($2.99)

To get it you can click on the link above, or search in amazon for Life Balance (kindle store) or Balance your life today or Imogen J Hope.

I am pretty proud and pleased with myself for getting this book out there and I know it is going to be the first of many books and services aimed at helping the world create better balance in life. So watch this space!

Book cover

EBook release

Hello lovelies,

Well I have been working all afternoon at this computer to get my Ebook finished and get myself set up on Amazon direct publishing and it’s done! As I promised…except it takes 12 hours to be ‘in review’ so actually, no, I am not quite ready. So I will be back tomorrow with info on how you can get my first ever ebook

‘Balance your life today’

Sorry for the delay and thank you for being totally amazing, please try and enjoy your Monday anyway!

Love & light

Imogen x

Taking a few days off

No usual Friday post today. I’ve got child number 1 off school with a tummy bug and child number 2 going through a serious case of separation anxiety and currently glued to my side for the whole 12 hours that she is awake. It’s been a pretty exhausting week. I had an essay due today about Plato’s Protagorus and I really struggled to get my head around it and actually found myself reduced to tears at one point. I put too much pressure on myself I know that. Most of the time I have so many aspects of my life going on its hard to keep up. It’s been a hard week and I need to give myself a break. Although I still have lots to do the rest of the day today is going to be dedicated to relaxing and enjoying some time with the kids. I need to invest some serious time in self care next week because things have gradually become too much for me. It happens, there’s a build up of a variety of things then it comes to a head and its a harsh reminder to look after myself first. 

I will be back on Monday with news about the ebook.

Have a restful bank holiday weekend…

Imogen x