New Moon Rituals

Tonight Monday the 18th of May there is a new moon cycle. The new moon is the perfect time for release and renewal. I think we should take this opportunity to release some old stuff and work towards the new don’t you?


The new moon is believed to be the most powerful time to begin something new, a new routine, a new project, a new intention. It is believed that how you start the new moon cycle will set out how you spend the next month.

If there is something you have been wanting to start then do it today. Here are my intentions for the next moon cycle

  • To find time to meditate daily
  • To grow my business and reach more people
  • To be ahead/on time with all my uni work
  • To be calm and mindful in my actions
  • To treat myself with unconditional respect and love

So here are some ideas for how to set your intentions for the new moon cycle and harness the powerful cycle of renewal at this time

  1. Write down your intentions
  2. Read them out to the moon
  3. Bathe yourself in herbs and essential oils and visualise your energy being renewed
  4. Meditate and visualise what it is that you want to manifest over the next month
  5. Write down what it is that you are grateful for and would like to manifest more of
  6. Burn smudge stick, candles, incense to cleanse your home and yourself of negative energy that has built up
  7. Create a vision board I love this one. Or if you already have one-update it. Take down anything that no longer speaks to you and update it with new dreams, visions and inspirations.


Hope you enjoy the fresh start!

Peace & love

Imogen x


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