Friday Roundup #2

I’m making the Friday roundup a regular thing you see..I think its a good way to have another look at what I’ve been writing about and also tell you a little bit about what has been going on for me personally. I try not to write too much personal stuff because i’ve heard that its bad for a blogger….I don’t know though I quite like reading things about people’s lives, it makes them seem more human…what do you think?

Anyhoo on Monday I posted about Warning Signs for Stress because when describing my blog to somebody they asked me, ‘What are the warning signs for when you’re getting anxious or stressed again?’ (i’m paraphrasing) so I thought it was an important subject to try and cover.

On Wednesday I posted about Most Important Tasks which is a really cool way of setting tasks and not getting too overwhelmed by a huge list so worth a read for tips on the organisational front.

Things that have been happening this week for me are

  • A meeting about a talk I am going to do for a charity which supports people with pre and post natal depression on self-care. They are called Pandas and I’m excited to go along and hopefully help give them some ideas about self care
  • Speaking of which, self-care month sign up is still on. A whole month of daily emails with self-care tasks in throughout June so sign up here
  • On Wednesday I got hypnotised for the very first time ever. It was a pretty emotional experience but so worth it. I think it has probably changed my life actually
  • I went out for tea with a friend which was nice. Gave me a chance to feel like a proper grown up. Something other than parenting and sitting in front of a computer to fill my time
  • Writing an essay. I am studying an architect called Pugin at the moment. He likes medieval gothic churches which is nice! Also there is a Pugin Church literally over the road from my Mums house so I was very excited to find that out (I know I’m a geek) anyway the essay is due in while I am away at the end of the month so it’s got to be done ASAP so I won’t be sat in a static caravan in Wales somewhere trying to finish it while everyone else is playing on the beach.
  • Hula-hooping. My exercise of choice again at the moment, so much fun!
  • Not eating meat.
  • Reading The Mists Of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Expressing Gratitude
  • Doing a photography challenge over on Instagram


I found this on Pinterest actually but have no idea where it had come from unfortunately!

  • Having really good responses to my first ebook Balance your Life Today available worldwide on Amazon and free if you are on Amazon unlimited or £1.99 (or equivalent)

And I think that is about it. Today I am going to paint something, hang out in the sunshine with the kids and do some reading.

Hope you all have a spectacular weekend!

Hope & joy,

Imogen x

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