Friday roundup

This week I have Feng Shui’d my office. I am getting seriously good vibes in here now, I really love it and am loving working from here. I have created more space by clearing some things out and moving them to other areas and now my space its clear to imagine and create but also to do business.

At the beginning of this week I released my new ebook Balance Your Life Today. You can find it on Amazon for £1.99 (or whatever the equivalent is where you are). I am really proud of this book because it contains a basic overview of tasks to do to create a better balance in your life. It really works and I know because this is how I live my life. After struggling to create balance in my life I use all these techniques to make sure that it stays balanced now. The book cover areas like

  • self care
  • exercise
  • food
  • stress
  • work

and more.

On Wednesday I announced the countdown to Self-Care Month which is a month long self-care challenge. I will be emailing a self-care task every day throughout June to help you balance your life by implementing more self-care. It is something we don’t often do enough and honestly, time should be devoted to self care every single day. So you can sign up for that here and it is all totally free.

I found out this week that the assignment I hated, that literally brought me to tears that I did a couple of weeks ago for my degree i got 29/50 so Im pretty Ok with that. Its a relief!

Yesterday was my 6th wedding anniversary and today is Mr.H’s birthday so it’s going to be a wonderful weekend of celebrating and congratulating ourselves on making it this far. It’s not easy but definitely worth it. And eating the chocolate orange and chilli cake I found on Pinterest.

Have a beautiful weekend gang,

Imogen x 

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