Self-Care Month…Coming Soon….

Well I’m here at playgroup with this little sprout

Making the most of a little bit of time while I start this post.

Today is just becoming one of those days where everything is out of focus and it all seems to go wrong. Yeah, we all have them, on the outside it seems that everything about the day is as usual but then everything seems to go wrong!

Sometimes it feels impossible to balance all areas of our lives. It is possible but it requires us being totally conscious all the time of which areas need more attention and which areas need us to let go a little bit.

So the one thing that suffers first for myself and most people is self-care. Which is, I guess, because we have so many other demands on us with other responsibilities. So in honour of this I am declaring June 2015 ‘Self Care Month’ there will be a 30 day self care challenge. What this involves is a free daily email from myself containing one self-care task per day to be completed throughout June for FREE! This is a free subscription all you need to do to get involved is sign up to the emails via this link;

Simple as that! So I hope you’re really looking forward to Self-Care month I know I am, I’ll be joining in with all the tasks too and it is going to be seriously amazing!


Imogen x

P.S. If you haven’t already have a look at my Ebook, Balance Your Life Today, which is actually free on Kindle unlimited or available to buy for £1.99 or the equivalent wherever you may be x

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