Taking a few days off

No usual Friday post today. I’ve got child number 1 off school with a tummy bug and child number 2 going through a serious case of separation anxiety and currently glued to my side for the whole 12 hours that she is awake. It’s been a pretty exhausting week. I had an essay due today about Plato’s Protagorus and I really struggled to get my head around it and actually found myself reduced to tears at one point. I put too much pressure on myself I know that. Most of the time I have so many aspects of my life going on its hard to keep up. It’s been a hard week and I need to give myself a break. Although I still have lots to do the rest of the day today is going to be dedicated to relaxing and enjoying some time with the kids. I need to invest some serious time in self care next week because things have gradually become too much for me. It happens, there’s a build up of a variety of things then it comes to a head and its a harsh reminder to look after myself first. 

I will be back on Monday with news about the ebook.

Have a restful bank holiday weekend…

Imogen x

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