Try, Try, Try

I read this as a reminder to myself not to put too much focus on how I feel on the outside. It’s working on the inside which I need to focus on.

In Others' Words...

Put your make up on
Get your nails done
Curl your hair
Run the extra mile
Keep it slim
So they like you. Do they like you?

Colbie Caillait 

Even if you take away the BIG stuff- the violence, the political inequality, and the economic oppression… Being a girl in this world is exhausting.

When we go out on a date, I guarantee I spend 20 times as long getting ready as my man does.  He showers, shaves, puts on nice clothes and is done- and he looks handsome, and he knows it.

It takes FOREVER for me to get ready.  My hair, bless it, is a situation.  I tend to try on half of what I own, before I settle on an outfit.  And then I change my mind.  There’s plucking, and moisturizing, and makeup.  And then I will still second guess myself.

And yes, I understand how shallow…

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