New Routines

Since we moved house everything has changed. Actually everything changes continually anywau really. Our priorities change, our needs, the kids needs, the weather…everything and it all affects our routines.

At the moment, my youngest, who is nearly 2, needs more entertaining and occupying than ever and also sleeps less! We have had to start fitting in more activities into our daily lives, more day trips, more parks, more playgroups and less of the other things I need to do, I.e. Studying, exercise, writing, cleaning and organsining. Vi does not go to childcare yet (because of the expense mostly) and other than the 3 hours she has with her grandma on a Friday morning in which I study, she is with me all day, everyday.

So today I need to sit down for a period of time and work out our new routines. It does take a while because it’s a bit like fitting too many pieces into a big puzzle, but it will fit eventually and it needs doing or things won’t be done. 

I will share my workings out when I have it all figured out! 

Do you need help creating your own routines? Contact me at for information on how I can help.

Have a gorgeous day!

Imogen đź’ś

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