A forced holiday

Here at the new house we have no wifi, it wasn’t deliberate. These things just never seem to switch over smoothly. Also, where we live now seems to be in a phone-signal-free zone. Again, that’s ok. It feels great actually not to be carrying my phone round with me all the time. I put it down and go about my business while actually not looking at it. I feel like it has come at a time when my iphone addiction was at its peak, so it’s no bad thing at all. 

But then, for a blogger, the inability to blog is kind of annoying, I went from blogging daily to not really knowing when I’ll be able to. So I have allowed myself not to worry about it. Just to carry on and try to pick up where I left off in a couple of weeks when we sort it. In the meantime I am sorting out the new house, figuring out new routines for me and baby, who has recently taken against daytime naps 😭 and generally trying to relax in-between. Hope to be properly up and running again asap though.


Imogen x

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