Move day has come

These are some thoughts I had early on Thursday morning before the chaos really began. The signal here is terrible and we’ve no wifi set up yet but hopefully I’ll still find a way to post.

Peace & love

Imogen x

Everything is upside down. I can’t help yet because my friend who is looking after Vi isn’t coming for another 20 minutes. The first load has already gone in the van. The couch has gone so the house feels empty and there’s no where to sit. I’m not ready, mentally I am but actually packed and good to go? No! I ask myself how many times I would keep moving around. I like to be able to get up and go when oIwant to. That if something isn’t right I can go at short notice. A blessing of renting over buying. 

This house is big, spacious, bright. We loved it for the big rooms, high ceilings, the view. I’ll miss all those things but it wasn’t right any more. It’s too big, exhausting to keep clean, in a busy area with dozens of other houses in view from any angle, no garden, it’s just not the nicest area too. So I am ready to leave. It was also my tiny girls first home so as I leave I will take time to look around and remember where she spent her first days and nights.

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