Enjoying exercise

Well we all know exercising is important. For our mental and physical health, it is something that we all should be doing. I have never loved exercise. I have forced myself to the gym in the past, I went through a phase of doing workout DVD’s at home but I don’t think I ever enjoyed a minute of it, except the mental & physical wellbeing, but during, definitely not.

I kind of believed that maybe I just wasn’t a person who liked to exercise. I knew I had to do it but with the limited options available to me it wasn’t going to be fun. And that is when I struggled to fit it in. When I let it go and put it lower down in my priorities.

So recently I have been on a mission to find exercise that I enjoy, when it was only very recently that I thought maybe I didn’t have to hate every moment I spent exercising. A revelation! Here are the kinds of exercises I find fun now;

  • Hula hooping. My number one. I do it every day. Sometimes for 5 minutes, sometimes for longer. Actually it is much harder work that I thought it would be. It feels a bit like being back at school in the playground which I think my inner child loves.
  • Yoga. Obviously yoga is a spiritual, mental and physical practise which makes it an even more worthwhile way to exercise. For me, I particularly love the feeling of calm and the way my muscles feel after they have been stretched. Also I am constantly amazed by the positions I can get my body into and want to do more.
  • Running. I don’t do it often. I don’t enjoy it that much, but again, its a kind of fascination of how far I can push my body. It amazes me that people run marathons and just keep going for hours and hours, although I don’t think I ever will. I really enjoy that feeling of deep breath in my lungs that doesn’t come with other exercise.
  • Swimming. Swimming is relaxing, I never really exert myself when I am swimming, I don’t count lengths or time myself. I just swim until I’m done then sit in a jacuzzi for 15 minutes. Super relaxation.
  • Dancing. I’ve never had a professional dance lesson but love a dance on a night out. That counts right? Would definitely try lessons as the kids get older too.
  • Walking. I live in Cheshire, there are a lot of beautiful nature walks surrounding the area. Typically, I have never taken too much advantage of them, but have many happy childhood memories of exploring local beauty spots. One of my new years resolutions is to see more of these places and I fully intend to follow it through. It will be amazing when we move this week, we’ll be living right by a river so I plan lots of sunny, afternoon strolls. And one day hopefully getting a dog will mean more country walks for us.

Any more ideas for fun exercise? Please share!

Loves, Imogen x

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