Gentle Mornings

I’ll be honest here, I struggle with mornings. I have read about and tried different ways to make mornings easier, to become a ‘morning person’ but, after much effort, I have come to the conclusion that I’m just not very good at mornings. It isn’t so much the waking up but the getting out of bed and doing things. I could quite happily lounge around in my bed reading, pinning, snoozing for a good couple of hours before actually getting out of bed. But, Alas, I have little people here that need me. I need have a cup of milk ready for the baby the second she wakes up or she will scream. I need to have the right breakfast at the right temperature for the boy or he fusses and it’s generally not an ideal way to start the day. And I need to make sure that i can sit down and relax while I eat and drink because I hate to rush meals.

Here is my plan of action to help my mornings become more gentle;

  • Wake up/get up earlier than the kids. It makes such a difference to have already eaten and to have prepared their food before they get up. Gentler for them and for me. They get up at 7:20am, I get up at 7am (I refuse to get up earlier than 7!)
  • Give yourself enough time. I get up at 7, I need to leave the house at 8:30, so I need to make sure that there is enough time to get ready without rushing. I know from experience that I need to be getting ready to leave the house at 8:20am. I need enough time to dress the baby, feed everyone, dress myself, do my make-up (personal preference, I rarely leave home without any on)
  • Encourage children to do as much for themselves as possible. If they can dress themselves, let them. It may not be perfect but at least its done.
  • Let go of the need to tidy before leaving the house. The pots aren’t washed, the beds aren’t made, the washing isn’t on. I know, its can be horrible to come home to a messy house, especially if you have to work all day. But, really, what harm can it do. It won’t do any harm and it will give you extra time. This one was a very hard one for me but I can do it.
  • Don’t put the TV on. In my experience if its on for even 5 minutes in the morning it makes it harder for all of us to get going.
  • Do what you can the night before. For me that includes showering. I need to be clean but I know I don’t have enough time in the morning so I shower in the evening.

I hope this helps to make your mornings gentler. I know it has definitely helped me. Now i’m going to spend some time with my crazy, wonderful Grandma because today is her 82nd birthday!

Have a good one.

Imogen x

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