Things that I am looking forward to…

Moving house. Having a garden. Warmer weather. Whole days and nights spent outside this summer. Walks by the river. Getting a puppy. The spring. Planting flowers. A trip with Mr.H. Publishing my book. A fresh start. Reaching my goal of blog views so I can set another! Cooking & eating the halloumi and sweet chilli recipe from my pinterest Food Inspiration board. Finishing packing and then finishing unpacking. Going on holiday with my family, including my mum and sister. Doing some yoga during baby nap time today for the first time since half-term began. The new episode of House of Fools tonight. Getting my first assignment done and sent for my Open University degree. My first ever solo retreat (post to follow). Celebrating my little fairy girl’s 2nd birthday with a farmyard themed cake.


My first ever crystal therapy session. Being my sister’s matron of honour. Planning her hen party. Buying a tent so we can slip away whenever we need to. A new tattoo. My order of Nakd bars arriving as I accidentally ran out. Plans to travel next year. Brightly painting some second hand furniture for the new house. Making a birthday present for my Grandma. Some quality time planned for me and my boy after we move house.

And, well, lots more besides. It does do us good to remind ourselves of all that we have to look forward to.

Try it my lovelies.

Imogen x

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