DIY Pamper night

Everybody (I include men here) needs and deserves a weekly pamper night. Mine are usually on Thursdays. It is a necessary time that I keep sacred to refresh and rejuvenate myself. It also helps me to feel like myself again. Especially as a mother it is all too easy to lose some of your identity.

Here is what I like to include if I get time to do a full pamper night, a scaled down version is used when there is less time and that works by priority!

~Dry body brushing, actually I try to do this daily. It is super good for you.

~Wash hair, then do hair mask/face mask

~Shape, file, paint nails while masks do their work

~Rinse, bathe, use a sugar scrub, moisturise

~Remove unwanted hair! (However much you find necessary ;-))

~Finish off with a pedicure, including peppermint foot soak, foot scrub, foot mask, moisturise and file nails

There are loads of recipes for home made beauty treatments on Pinterest using ingredients that you may already have at home. I have some on my Beauty Pinterest board.

When I’m finished I start to feel human again. I make myself a herbal tea and relax for the rest of the evening watching something on Netflix.

What do you do to pamper yourself? Whatever it is that you like to do make sure that you make time for it regularly. You deserve it.

Imogen x

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