10 facts about me

IMG_4423Morning all. I am very tired today. It is only the second day of half term and I am completely drained! I think it is more to do with the packing up a house of 4 than the extra child being here in the day. But the sun is shining and its pancake day so i’m happy!

So here is a little snippet of my life; 10 facts about me that you (hopefully) won’t already know…

1. My favourite shop is Holland and Barrett. I love experimenting with super foods and anything that gives me energy is priceless to me!

2. Every time I buy something new (even if its from a charity shop) my mother accuses me of being ‘Decadent’

3. My favourite ‘story’ ever told is A Midsummer Nights Dream. Ever since studying it in high school 15 years ago.

4. I cover the telly in my bedroom with a scarf when it is not in use because I think it is ugly. Mr.H thinks I have lost it.

5. I hate wires. They are taking over my house.

6. I declutter on a monthly basis. There is always space to be made and things no longer needed.

7. I think this week will be full of ‘list-posts’

8. Actually I totally love lists. They are the best way to sort the muddles inside my head.

9. I was so shocked when I found out that I was having a baby girl. Sometimes I still look at her and am amazed that she wasn’t a boy.

10. I love getting older. I love life lessons and becoming wiser and more comfortable in my own skin.

Well now I am off to have pancakes with my Grandma and the kids, then time for more packing and a lot of playing and some yoga to relax. Have a gorgeous day!

Imogen x

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