Half-term aka. school holiday survival

Ok, if you don’t have children then the term ‘survival’ in the title there may seem a little dramatic. But that is what it feels like. You have to get through the day without the children killing each other, without them driving you bonkers and while still trying to get done all the things you have to get done if you work at home like I do.

Everything has to change for that week. I have to make sure that they don’t get bored. That they expel enough energy. That they aren’t watching TV all day. That they get time outdoors. That we have activities together that we all enjoy and therefore enjoy our time together as a family and make the most of it.

Here’s a little list of the things I try to fit in each day

~Get out somewhere (somewhere free hopefully) the library, swimming, the park, a museum, a different park, a friends house etc.

~An activity to do together. Either a big board game session, crafting, baking, drawing

~Some down time reading, doodling, watching a film. A nap for baby.

~A bit of cleaning/clearing. As little as I can get away with. Normally 1 small task a day during holidays.

~Hula hoop & yoga for me.

~Time to write, for me.

~And the extra thing that has been added on for me in this half term in particular. Packing to move house!!

Today is the first day and it is only a 1 week holiday so I am not too worried. I have managed just about to fit in all that we need to do today and if it was the big summer holidays I would be much more willing to spend money to keep us entertained!

I hope I can continue to keep up to date with blog posts during the week. Although i’m sure you will forgive me if they come about it little later in the day than usual :). Please share any other tips you may have for keeping busy and staying sane in the school hols.

Also, my Pinterest boards Mummy things to do, Jonah and Baby Violet all have ideas of crafts and bits to do to help keep you busy and so you can enjoy your family time together. Enjoy!

Imogen x

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