Feeding the family

As I have mentioned on the blog a few times, food shopping and making is a big issue for me. I forget to food shop and so frequently run out of things. I am trying hard to be more organised in this area. Also ideas for meals trip me up regularly and I often end up running out for food last minute or getting Mr.H to pick things up on his way home from work and on his lunch breaks.

While working on creating new routines I have created 2 time slots a week for shopping. The main one is on a Friday at 6pm when Mr.H gets home. I can go alone and take my time looking for everything that I need. I create an ongoing list on my phone through the week and pick up everything else we get every week. The second slot is on a Tuesday morning when I am in town to take Vi to a baby group. Before we go i’ll get any fruit and veg i need for recipes and snacks from the market and get anything else that we need from the shops in town that I can’t get from the supermarket. This normally includes cleaning stuff that i can get cheaper than the supermarket, health foods, toiletries and such. I have tried to keep this system going for a couple of weeks and so far it seems to be working pretty well.

The other thing I tend to have difficulty with is providing actually meals for my family. It sounds terrible but I just haven’t been organised enough. My children don’t want to eat the same food as i do. I think this is the main problem. I try to be healthy and cook proper food whereas they would probably live off fish fingers and waffles. I don’t really want that so i try to make the best of both worlds. The breakfast staple in our house is cereal, the kids have it and Mr.h, its easy and they seem to wake up ravenous so I need to get them something quick. I generally have porridge with cinnamon and agave nectar or scrambled eggs with vegetables. Everybody seems happy there. Snack-wise, the kids are totally fuelled by fruit and the odd breadstick. For lunch we all love natural peanut butter on wholemeal bread when not at school. School dinners are free these days so i know J gets a big, varied, proper meal everyday. And cake, everyday. hmm. Anyway tea times are the main issue for us. I try to keep it simple during the week. The last thing I want to be doing is slaving away cooking for hours when we could be playing or reading. My kids love pasta so often they will have that with pesto and some vegetables. They absolutely love scrambled eggs on toast, well one of them does and theres no way I’m doing them different meals! Pancakes, Staffordshire Oatcakes, Beans, Sausages, spaghetti Bolognese are all eaten regularly and it seems to keep it simple enough for me to not be driven completely crazy. I sometimes make myself a huge salad while they have that. Or a stir fry or now and again I’ll just have what they’re having.

I like to make a bigger deal of meals at the weekend. Especially tea. I like us all the sit down together and eat the same thing. This give me a chance to try out a new recipe off pinterest or to have something bubbling away in the slow cooker all day long.

Do you have any tips on how to simplify meal times and shopping?

Imogen x

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