Some of my favourite websites

Morning lovelies, I hope you had a beautiful weekend. This picture is from my visit to see friends in Leeds on Saturday night and we witnessed a very gorgeous sunset. Yesterday was also very special, I celebrated my big sisters engagement with lots of family and we had a wonderful time.

I want to share with you a few of my current favourite websites today;

~First of all the wonderful Leonie Dawson who’s blog is the reason you are reading this now. A lovely tell-it-like-it-is, ‘old hippy’ Aussie who’s bright and wonderful words of wisdom are an inspiration for me.

~The website Supercook is an amazing site where you simple check off the ingredients that are in your cupboards/fridge and it lists recipes from all over the internet that use those ingredients! You can tell it any of your dietary requirements too. It is particularly useful if, like me, you continually forget to go food shopping and run out of food regularly!

~Elle and Company is a website that I came across on Pinterest recently. Lauren is a blogger, business owner and designer and her website is full of invaluable, free advice about blogging, social media, branding. It is probably my favourite website that I have come across with this information and there is so much of it! Definitely worth a look.

~Yesterday I discovered Rainbow City UK while I was dithering around on Instagram on the train. It is run by 2 ridiculously good looking vegans and is full of lifestyle advice, raw vegan recipes, yoga videos, meditations and loads more. I haven’t had a real good chance to look through it yet but from what I have seen I can tell it will become one of my favourites

~And lastly a website that popped up on my Pinterest this morning Gypsy Lovin Light which is a blog and a gorgeous online jewellery shop. The jewellery is BEAUTIFUL and I have already made a mental wish list from 10 minutes of browsing. I haven’t had a chance to had a good look through the blog yet but there is a lot of pictures of beautiful exotic sunshine and gorgeous clothes and jewellery.

The rest of my day will be spent writing and packing boxes now. Only 3 weeks till the move!

Love & peace,

Imogen x

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