A day in the life

Morning world. I love reading other people’s posts about a day in their life so thought it would be nice to do my own.

Here is a run down of a day in my life.

7am alarm goes off. Mr.H gets up with children and gives them breakfast while i either do yoga or shower (or lounge in bed while i should be doing something else!)

7:30 Go downstairs and have my breakfast. Porridge at the moment with chia seeds, maple syrup and cinnamon. Then i go back upstairs, get dressed, do make up, make myself look more awake than i feel…

8:30 Take J to school which is exactly 5 minutes around the corner. Until we move house then it will require a car journey.

Come home and wash the breakfast pots, put on a load of washing while the baby plays under my feel and i try not to stand on her.

9:30 varies day by day. It can be blogging, writing, studying or painting while Violet plays with her toys. Except for Tuesday which involves running errands then  singing nursery rhymes at the library and Wednesdays in which we go to a playgroup.

We have lunch at 12 then Vi goes up to bed for her nap. I do yoga and meditate until about half 12 then i read for 30 mins. This is my relaxing time. At 1 ish I clean something. Basically whatever it is that needs cleaning the most. Then wake Violet up at half 1.

We spend half an hour playing together/cuddling then i normally slip in another 50 mins writing before we head of the pick up J.

Then we come home and do homework, games or just chatting. I make tea at about half 4 normally something very simple like pasta or eggs or pitta pizza. We eat at 5 then wait for Daddy to come home at 5:45. When he walks in i normally sneak off to read or shower if i need to. Sometimes this is a study period. On a Friday this is when i try to do the food shopping. Much easier done alone..

At 7:30pm the children go to bed and Mr.H and i spend sometime alone watching Netflix and generally lazing around. We normally go to bed at 10:30pm.

This is how my day basically goes here. It can vary hugely especially if its half term or if Mr.H is working on a later shift. But this how it goes if I try to fit everything in that I need to do. Having said that I haven’t cleaned anything all week because i’m working on decluttering and if i miss my supermarket shop I generally spend a week scraping together meals from random leftovers in the cupboard and making emergency milk runs to the corner shop. Somehow I still haven’t quite got the hang of providing food for a family of four and it continues to be the bane of my life. I hope I will learn sometime!

Imogen x

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