Open university

So last week i started my first Open University module on the way to gaining my BA hons degree in English Literature and Creative writing. I am studying part time which equates to 16 hours a week. More on assessment weeks. Sometimes less. My days are already pretty full as you have probably gathered. So the time I spend studying will a lot of the time be at weekends and when necessary, in the evenings. I am the first person to point out when you could possibly be too busy. Have taken too much on or be over-doing things. I have kind of come to think of these extra hours i will be taking on as an equivalent to a part-time job (except i don’t get paid!) so i figure that i can find the hours to do it. Last week i found the time it went quite smoothly over the weekend but it was only a preparatory week. I will see how it goes this week and if i find i am struggling energy or time wise i will have to rethink. It is a big commitment for me as it will take 6 years altogether. I have very rarely stuck to anything for 6 years except for marriage and motherhood! So i had to feel really sure of what it was that i wanted to achieve, why and what i want the outcome to be, i am even more aware of this as i already have one failed degree under my belt. So heres to the next 6 years of gaining knowledge, and hopefully a degree!

Imogen x

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