A busy weekend

Mr.H returned home from his travels on Friday which meant we indulged in chippy tea and he stayed awake just long enough to put the kids in bed before drifting off into jet-lag induced sleep on the couch.

On Saturday we lounged around the house and played and watch tv and stayed away from the snow. Then I had a haircut which is always a great joy. I left feeling refreshed and pampered and floated my way home. On Saturday we also negotiated better deals for energy providers and car insurance and it took a long time and a lot of effort but we ended up saving ourselves around £700 a year altogether so it was well worth it. We dragged ourselves out into the cold for a few drinks on Saturday night and caught up with some friends and each other.

On Sunday I woke with a sore head after only 3 glasses of wine! I really am out of practise at this going out lark but i quite like it that way ;-). My mum and I went of to a felt-making workshop which was a really enjoyable, creative way to spend some time together. We never really do things together without Mr.H or the kids so it was a lovely way for us to connect and we did. We also met some lovely ladies and had a good laugh at the same time. I took some photos to show the process and the outcome. It was a learning experience for sure!

The weekend was full of creativity and inspiration and left me brimming full of energy and inspiration for the week ahead. Once i had caught up on Saturday nights lost sleep!

Imogen x









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