Snow Day

The snow really starting coming down today and sticking on everything. The town comes to a stand still as typically we are never prepared. I don’t think one road has been gritted. After only 2 hours at school we are asked to pick up the children if possible. I debated whether to wait or not but considered the weather actually could get worse and decided just to get it other with. I am not a fan of snow or cold at all. I’m fine if i can hide indoors but venturing out isn’t something i would class as fun.

So i wrapped up the baby and off we went. Into utter chaos at school with children and parents all over the place and actual queues to pick up the children. Lucky for me she was entertained by eating fresh snow of various things. Yet it took an hour between leaving home and getting back home and was completely exhausting.

So a snow day for the kids equals a snow day for me. This little post is the most work i will be doing today and the rest of it will be spent snuggling and cosying up with my family. We are currently awaiting the arrival of my sister who has been stuck in the snow for 3 hours in what normally is a 25 minute journey and keeping our fingers crossed that Mr.H makes it back safely from NY in the morning. Hope you are all staying safe and warm wherever you are.

Imogen x


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