How to overcome energy drain

When something really drains me emotionally; (for example a confrontation, bad news, a shock) it really affects me deeply. I am particularly sensitive to these things. I wish i was more fiesty and fiery, I used to be, but alas I am not. I have turned into a sensitive flower as I have aged and perhaps just need to toughen up!

When I am completely drained after one of these situations I have to delve into my bag of tricks to make me feel better and these are they

~ Have a cup of tea, whatever your favourite kind peppermint, green, Darjeeling any will work, a cup of tea is like a bath on the inside. For me these situations call for Yorkshire tea

~ Have an actual bath, Epsom salts are great for releasing toxins and lavender oil is the classic for relaxation. If I’m desperate for a a relaxing bath baby comes in with me, still getting the benefits with her there.

~ Pin some uplifting quotes

~ Journal, this is a big one for me, if I forget to journal once a week I feel very muddled and can get quite low. It’s always therapeutic to write things down

~ Watch a favourite film, I can never watch Grease too many times quite frankly or my favourite episodes of The IT crowd actually

~ Meditation. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the time and space I know but 10 minutes will benefit your mood massively. The app Headspace is really great if you are trying to learn this skill

~ Exercise is proven to release mood enhancing hormones. For a quick fix I type dru yoga into YouTube or hula hoop for 10 minutes.

~ Listen to music. At my lowest point I realised that I hadn’t listened to music other than in the car for months!

~ Paint nails, put on lipstick or both! Oo and putting lots of jewellery so i jangle when I walk

~ Rest, get into bed early, write down what are you grateful for and sleep it off

What do you do when you’re recovering from emotional stress?

Imogen x


5 thoughts on “How to overcome energy drain

  1. Jay says:

    Best thing for me to do is the very simple thing of sitting down in the quiet to catch up with myself, creating space to be with whatever is happening within me in the moment.. to acknowledge that something has happened and I’ve been thrown by it.. it can be easy to get busier to ignore it.. but not really useful in the long run I find. And when I’ve overdone it and there are things that still need to be done (I mean, really, do they have to be done, I ask, usually no, its usually a self-pressurising situation).. I allow myself time off, and watch an easy movie with my feet up until my energy has recharged (one of my absolute faves is ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’.. watching the feel good movie allows my mind some time off going over my issues too!

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