And the rest…

Ok so wouldn’t it be amazing if I could spend my time doing the 6 different activities that i pin pointed in the last post. But i don’t. I have lots of other tasks that i want/have to fit into my days without over doing it and burning myself out. Which, quite frankly has to be my very top priority so i can look after my family in the best way and create a Life Balance.
So heres a wee list of all the other joys that fill my days
Washing up (doesn’t come under cleaning I’m afraid because washing up is a must do where as a lot of other cleaning isn’t to me!)
First the household thingies-
Washing/drying/ironing clothes
Baking bread (probably not necessary for most people but it is something I enjoy that actually needs doing most days)
Shopping (the bane of my life!)
And personal care-
Watching films
Personal hygiene
And family stuff-
Generally organising children. Actually Organising all 4 of us most of the time.
Playing together
Play dates
Visiting family
Homework (my 5 year old has homework it is insane no?!!)
Karate lessons for the big one
Date nights
Family trips

I have made myself a lovely colourful wall planner

Which basically plans out my every move. Which is great for fitting in all the lovely things i want to do. BUT we must always always remember to be a little flexible. To expect the unexpected and don’t get too stressed if you aren’t rubber gloved with your hands down the loo at precisely 9:15 am. Sometimes the baby needs cuddling, emergency milk needs buying, sun needs laying in etc and if thats the way you wanna play then that is so great and wonderful. My planner is there to keep me on track a lot of the time but i know not to worry if i can’t follow it sometimes.

This is my desk/workspace/creative station

IMG_4153 copy

It’s a bit dark but it’s cosy and it’s right next to baby’s bedroom so she can play and potter about while i am at my desk.We are actually moving house in 6 weeks anyway so I will have to carve out a new space in our new house when we get there. We will finally have a proper garden though so i’m hoping there will be a lot of work done outside!

Here’s my new wall planner


It looks pretty hectic but it’s not. It’s detailed and repetitive. You will notice there are only 5 days in this week. My weekends are kept spontaneous and free to get on with what needs doing and to go wherever our fancy takes us!

The only real thing left for this space that i want to do is a big dream board/collage to put on my goals, wishes, dreams and ideas onto so i can see them regularly and keep them in focus. Coming soon…

If you would like me to design you a wall planner to help you balance your life please use the contact form below. I will help to organise all the activities, jobs and anything else into your days by working with you to come up with a plan like this one. I want everyone to be able to fit into their lives all the wonderful things that make them happy as well as the necessary jobs that keep life ticking over nicely. I like to hand draw things because that is the best way i work. I like to make them colourful, cheery and full of love and i like to think that shows in my services. Once we have come to an agreement on a plan i will send you your hand drawn wall planner in digital format and you can print it out at home. If you don’t have printing facilities a plan can be arranged for shipping.

As an introductory price I will create your wall planner for £5 (payable through paypal) but be quick the print will go up in 2 weeks for this one of a kind, bespoke life balancing service.

Imogen x

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